Monday, May 25, 2015



Live Loving Always 
International Herb
New Love
Come Back Baby
Oh Mr. DC
Lovers Rock
Never Gonna Give Jah Up

Sprinter Stayer
Uptown Girl
Give Me Jah Jah
African Girl
Rough Ole Life

Man Hungry
Is It True
No Vacancy
Only Jah Jah
This Old Man
The People Ought To Know

Love you always,
Empress Jennifer Henry-Minott



Your memory is now my keepsake with which I will never part
Jah has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart
Gone but you will never be forgotten

From Son,
Roshawn Jahvaughn Minott, age 13

Sugar Minott in interview by midehya

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


By: Paul Wayne

I literally had THE WICKEDEST TIME at the Jamaica Open NY Golf Tournament inaugural launch at the Marine Golf Club in Brooklyn.  It was hosted by ARG, Alsion Roach Group.  Let me tell you, as a Jamaican, I was so proud of this event; it left me on a spiritual high for days.  Alsion Roach has an amazing energy; she's as warm as the Jamaican sun and as cool as the Jamaican breeze.  Her event was phenomenal which is not a surprise since it was spearheaded by a woman driven to make positive changes through philanthropy.  Her goal is to create entertaining events that promote Brand Jamaica in a positive light via the narrative of her strong Jamaican heritage.  The effort was engaging, communal and global without compromising the true essence of Brand Jamaica.  Alsion and her team's charisma was on full display as the various people in attendance from all sectors of life signified her will to strategically align with others from diverse backgrounds for a good cause.


The various presentations were very informative and at times humorous, from the prayer to the opening remarks of former Jamaican bob sled member and current motivational speaker, Devon Harris, to Alsion herself.  Stephen Souza's rendition of the Jamaican National anthem was very uplifting and by evenings end, the legendary band leader Derrick Barnett and his Statement Band featuring Andrea Magano had the dance floor in a musical trance.  Celebrity DJ Eryk blessed us with some smooth Jamaican Jazz infused reggae, the liquor flowed freely and the food was in abundance and tasted amazing.


Opposition leader, Andrew Holness was in attendance and so humbly supportive of the Jamaican diaspora collective.  Gleaner correspondent and co-founder of CPR (Coalition to Preserve Reggae), Sharon Gordon was in the building as was fashion designer Raxann Chin of the chic FEMHEKA clothing line.  It was my pleasure to meet and also see the work of famed artist Michael Escofferey.   Business guru, Peter Gordon and radio host Natalie Lychee Silvera who's also a well known sexual health coach were also in attendance.  The launch even also featured speaker and Brooklyn congresswoman, Yvette Clarke.  I must say, Brand Jamaica was on full display, my spirit was indeed lifted by the positive energy and irie vibrations!  I look forward to next years "Jamaica Open."

Thank you Alsion Roach, you are indeed an inspiration to us all!

Blessed Love,

-Paul Wayne

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


By: Paul Wayne

According to herbalist, Dr. O'Connor, the island of Jamaica produces 85 per cent of all the natural herbs needed for healing the body, mind and soul!

I had the grand opportunity to meet and fellowship with him and herbalist supreme, Miss Brady at Wavez FM 96.3 in St. Mary, Jamaica this past March.  The three of us were guests on the dynamic Jackie Roots show.  As evidenced by the high grade of marijuana that Jamaica is known for producing, the soils potent nature resonates the blessings of our ancestors.

On my recent trip to the island, natives of Priory, St. Ann alerted me on the influx of white people who were descending on the countryside in search of the bush, "Meranga."

The lesson here is that we need to partake, appreciate, nurture and monetize for our profit the precious natural resources that we have on our soils.  We no longer need to be fools, in the midst of water yet cry thirsty.

They demonized marijuana at home and abroad yet now, all the parasites are clamoring to do the obvious... CAPITALIZE!

In the name of progress & community, and armed with our much coveted resources, let's determine our own financial destiny by getting off the plantation!

- Paul Wayne

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Friday, July 11, 2014


I must say it was very inspiring conversing and reasoning with Red Square artist, Amlak regarding his official album debut, "Di Humble Warrior."  For a debut project, this is a very solid eclectic effort featuring impressive song writing.  Over the past few years we have been teased by Amlak with a couple of promising singles, but now he has arrived with a cause!  The artist boasts a skill that many lack; the skill of artfully balancing between singing and chatting.  Amlak describes himself as being rebellious and conscious while totally embracing Rastafari.  He clearly understands the state of current reggae music in the global marketplace and is dedicated to playing his part in reviving roots music to once again becoming the more popular genre of reggae music.  The people of the world are in dire need of it.

This artist is realistic and understands that being a part of this global revival of roots reggae music requires that he presents his music in its highest form to his fans and the world.  With global tour opportunities on the horizon, Amlak is ever so prepared to perform live and over the last year he used these platforms to refine his skills.  He was invited as a guest to perform alongside the world renowned reggae band Raging Fyah at an event staged in Bull Bay, Jamaica known as Wickie Wackie Live.  Amlak and the group Raging Fyah also opened up for rising reggae star, Chronixx at this event.  Amlak recently opened for the Red Square leader and dancehall legend, Spragga Benz at a recent sold out Pulse showcase.  Pulse is most popularly known for being the famous modeling agency that launched the careers of many Caribbean beauties.  Though rooted in consciousness, Amlak indicates that he has much more in store including music catering to lovers rock fans and dancehall lovers; and we get a little taste of it on this album, "Di Humble Warrior."

He also has an entrepreneurial spirit and continues to keep busy with the recent launch of his juice bar and children clothing store.  

Super producer, LMR, who is responsible for the recent Kranium hit, "Nobody Has To Know," is one of the noted producers that has contributed to his album via "Jah Jah It's Your Love" (Track #9) and "Despicable" (Track #3).  Amlak enjoys the creative freedom the Red Square label affords him.  He described the label as independent but very formal. "Di Humble Warrior" also features a tune with Spragga Benz entitled, "Rise Up" (Track #10) where you can hear the similarity in their style while holding on to his unique appeal.  "Cyaah Happen" (Track #5) is a Red Square production that is for sure a club banger with a signature sound on the "Suburb Riddim."

I was sure to share this album with others and it was very well received, after doing so, these were the collective thoughts on Amlak's impressive debut, "Di Humble Warrior."

1.) Intro by Asafo Weedamiah (2:28) - A very special introduction to all Warriors and Warriesses who continuously spread the message of positivity, equal rights and justice for ALL.  This is an introduction about the revolutionary guard.  Dub poet, Asafo Weedamiah is hailing up Marcus Garvey, Haile Selassie I, Empress Menen, all ancestors and lastly introducing to the world, Amlak Redsquare, also known as the Humble Warrior.

2.) Rebel Nation (3:06) - This song speaks about Rastafari being the one and only way, righteous livity and that Rastafari will always be the order of his day.  He delivers the message of a righteous revolution, he talks about taking pride in where he is from and firmly notes that he represents the Red Square Rebel Nation.  The song is a combination of reggae, culture and dancehall dub rebel music.

3.) Despicable (4:00) - This song is reggae, culture, dub roots.

4.) Hard Way (2:44) - This song speaks about learning things in life the hard way and freeing your mind.  He combines a strong and powerful delivery with a very catchy beat.  The genre of this song can be categorized as reggae, culture, dancehall dub roots.

5.)  Cyaah Happen (2:14) - This song is definitely dancehall and will have you bopping and nodding your head and dancing or "whining" out of your seats.  The delivery of this song is strong and the lyrics and beat are very catchy.  In this song, Amlak is representing for Red Square and he says that Red Square's movement never change nor will they ever be lame.  He says Rastafari will never stop and that "Cyaah Happen."

6.)  Blame Game (2:25) -The lyrical content of this song is meaningful because he is speaking about how the system needs to change and how every human being has a right to the freedom of speech.  The genre of this song is reggae and culture with a rootsy vibe.

7.)  Burty Son (4:12) - In this song, Amlak says he is back with another marijuana song.  His delivery is powerful and he says Rasta will never stop burning the herb and highlights that marijuana really pleases him.  This song is definitely a head bopper and will have you putting your lighters in the air!  A dancehall dub rocker!

8.)  World of Corruption (3:36) - This song is reggae and culture with a great positive vibe addressing the needs of this world.  The delivery and lyrical content of this song are very strong and passionate in regards to the world and society and how change needs to happen.  This song makes you reflect and think while being very catchy; a great meditational tune.

9.) Jah Jah It's Your Love (3:00) - This is a beautiful song that expresses gratitude to the Almighty Jah for his protection and all of his blessings.  The lyrical content is very special, meaningful and inspirational.  The delivery of this song is positive and it is a laid back tune that embraces positivity and thanks & praises.  It's a classic reggae, culture mix.

10.)  Rise Up featuring Spragga Benz (2:48) - This song is a collaboration with Spragga Benz.

11.)  Be Free (3:38) - This song is a smash hit, the lyrical content is very deep and meaningful because his message states, "I need my people to rise and be free, stand up for your right and equality.. and educate yourselves."  The chorus is very catchy and definitely a reggae, roots vibe full of culture for the people.

12.) Outro by Asafo Weedamiah (2:10) - This is an outro to conclude the album.  In this outro message, Asafo speaks about the time for change has come and the time for justice and equal right for ALL people is now.  This outro is basically reiterating what the introduction stated.  It's a positive message for the youth and Asafo highlights that our people have suffered for too long and that we are in dire need of a righteous revolution.

This album is terrific and highly recommended so be sure to purchase your copy on iTunes, Amazon or enjoy a free listen on Bandcamp.

Blessed Love, 

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


By: Paul Wayne

There is nothing more fulfilling than going home to Jamaica and getting away from Babylon.  The experience for me this time around was of such higher meditation.  No hype, just plain Jamaican vibes uplifting my soul, rejuvenating and calming my spirit.  That's what the essence of Jamaica is truly about.  This intangible magic is intertwined in the food, the music, the sports and most importantly the determination and will of the people.  In Jamaica, no matter what ethnicity you are, you are Jamaican first and foremost!  We are often so passionate to our own detriment is seems.  Gully vs Gaza, Rema vs Jungle, PNP vs JLP, KC vs Calabar, Rasta vs Christian are prime examples of this warrior sprit that makes us the most influential sovereign afro nation to date.

There is a mystique and mysticism about this place and you would never know until you leave for a long time and return.  It is all embedded in the spirituality, dialect, the terrain, the water and the landscape.  My journey has just began, as I am seeking to explore, enjoy and bask in the protective spirit that my ancestors have left for me in JAMAICA!

- Paul Wayne

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Sunday, April 27, 2014


New York, NY -- On Sunday, April 27th, the Grammy Winner, Ziggy Marley will be performing live on the SOBs stage for his "Fly Rasta Tour," for one night only.  Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 9pm.  Tickets are $36 in advance.

SOBs Concerts presents Grammy-Winning, Ziggy Marley live, for one night only on the SOBs stage.  Reggae Icon, Ziggy Marley will be hitting the SOBs stage as he makes his NYC stop on his Fly Rasta Tour.  With the recent release of his album, "Fly Rasta,"  Ziggy plans on celebrating with NYC in true Marley fashion, with one legendary show with the people.  Performing new songs off the album like "Fly Rasta" and classics such as "True To Myself" and "Love Is My Religion".  This will be one celebration you don't want to miss.

Ziggy Marley's life story is filled with changes and transitions.  In fact, change has been the one constant in his life.  From his earliest days, raised in Trench Town, Jamaica, to the present, he has been guided by his keen awareness and driving compassion.  These qualities are the earmarks of his work and his journey.

The eldest Marley son is not one to let any moss grow under his feet.  His 2006 release, "Love Is My Religion" (Tuff Gong Worldwide), garnered a Grammy for Best Reggae Album at the 29th Annual Grammy Awards, giving him a total of four Grammys as an artist.  It was his second solo album, and the first to be released independently on the Tuff Gong Worldwide label.

So everyone head out to SOBs this Sunday for Ziggy Marley!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014


By: Dominique Grant

Knotti Chris and Isaac Faith, better known as the Thunderlions are leading the way by creating conscious music.  This Brooklyn based duo stepped into the music scene as a group in 2012 and have already made quite an impression in the industry.  They're well known for their progressive lyrical flow which stems from their natural personalities combined with their diverse backgrounds.  This collaboration led these two masterminds to form a powerful fusion that simply sealed the deal.

Thunderlions will soon become a household name.  They are signed to Youth Black Faith label where they spend their time honing their craft.  Both Isaac Faith and Knotti Chris are innovative creators who understand that music is not just an outlet, it's also a gift and a responsibility.  Their mission is to spread awareness by using their talent to convey a righteous and educational message while encouraging other musicians to do the same.  The Thunderlions pride themselves on producing music outside of the box such as, "Selassie Selassie," "Black Faith Soldiers," and "Fadeaway."  In every track, you can hear the deep-rooted message they were sent to convey.  Their presentation is intense and their style is unique which brought them opportunities to grace the stage with the likes of Spragga Benz, Khari Kill, Gyptian, Aidonia, Serani, Elephant Man and so many others.

The Thunderlions have an impressive range of influences, from prominent icons like Haile Selassie I, musicians like Barrington Levy, their individual life experiences, and genres of music itself including Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, Bachata and Soca.  Their sound is a harmonious blend of all the music they love and enjoy;  a sound that constantly grabs your attention.  Along with their musical career, they are also very business minded.  They've built a brand which includes merchandising, graphic designs, film production, audio production and marketing services.  They have great knowledge of the music business and is transferring their skills to create an enterprise that will reflect their mission.

Isaac Faith initially made strides in the music industry as a gifted producer and business man while Knotti Chris worked professionally for various magazines like the Source and leading record labels like Sony Records and Young Money Entertainment.

Thunderlions are on the rise!  Right now, they're rocking the music scene with their mixtapes, "Kingdom Come" featuring Conquering Lion Sound and "Rastafari Knowledge We" featuring King Lion Sound.  They are currently working on a full length album that's expected to be released this summer.  This upcoming project is not yet titled but will include their hit single, "I'm An African" featuring Joint Pusher and "Thunderlions Anthem" featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore.  If you're in the New York area, you can find them performing at popular venues like, "Amazura" or "The Den" and you can catch them competing in prominent music competitions like "Suzie Q's Video Alley."  Their fans are anticipating their upcoming performance on the New York City Edition of "Coast 2 Coast Live" this May.  Coast 2 Coast is a well-respected platform that allows artists to showcase their talent to industry executives and fans alike, it's filled with networking opportunities and hardcore fans who appreciate quality musicians.

The Thunderlions often team up with other talented musicians on the rise whose message is in sync with their mission.  By incorporating what they've spent their lives learning, they're actively building one of the greatest movements in history.  One that uses music as an educational tool while honoring their African Heritage and promoting the advancement of their culture and community.

Their impeccable lyrical flow and inspirational platform is the heartbeat that will continue to guide their career straight to the top.  Just listen for yourself!  Check them out on to hear their music and subscribe to them in social media.  Keep connected with this dynamic duo because they're here on a mission and they're here to stay.

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