Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Dancehall Channel - Raw, Unedited & Uncut

Back in 2005 during the launch of The Dancehall Channel, it received great publicity, Dancehall lovers were happy to see that their interests were being covered, and in 2005 it was said that the cable channel was devoted to bring out the BEST in dancehall - covering the music and the culture.

"This is something new, innovative and different. We are going to provide our viewers with the best offerings from the dancehall," stated Mario Francis, managing director of Logic One. Francis is also one of the principals of the Dancehall Channel.
Now FAST FORWARD to 2009, and this is what you will get.

A LEWD channel that plays videos from local dances such as Fresh Money Sundays, Boasty Tuesday, Fancy Thursday, Passion Sunday, Cookout Friday, Jeans and Blazers and several dances.

I can't act like I didn't get a GOOD laugh during the first half of the clip - but then it just made an EXTREME turn for the WORST!

Now, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with featuring dances on the dancehall channel, but this is ALL that they offer on the Dancehall Channel.

Also, the content on this station is RAW and UNEDITED - and very popular in the dancehall scene. If you are a 'local celebrity' or budding 'flossarati' - you want to be SEEN on this channel.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week the Dancehall Channel is making money from exploiting partygoers, keeping the budget VERY SMALL because I DOUBT any of the patrons at these parties are getting paid to be broadcasted, and not to mention - they seem to have strayed from their mission statement.

Some may question the recent daggering ban, where daggering was no longer allowed on the airwaves or broadcasted on television in Jamaica.

The Dancehall channel found a way to slip between the cracks on this one! The station is pay per view and is rated 18 and over, so the ban does not affect them.

The Dancehall Channel is nothing more and nothing less than the Girls Gone Wild series.

Think about it. They created a pay per view station, feature everyone on the station for free and charge the same people ON the station to VIEW the station. Charge party promoters to feature their videos on the station and they don't even have to pay an editor for the content.

They sit back and COLLECT - but my question is who is the owner of the station? It's one thing to be businessminded but something else to not even care about how people are portrayed or exploited on the channel.

This is a straight up, "I Just Don't Give a Fuck" move or better yet, "Fuck You, Pay Me!"

Oh, what a wonderful world we live in...

Source: One876Entertainement


Josephine said...

Now...I consider myself to be a lady, so there are a great number of things that I will never be able to condone in the dancehall world. But, I have to accept that there are a number of people who live for its rambunctiousness. Now if one of my friends were to skin out in such a fashion and allow themselves to be played by one of those dirty, broke ass Jamaican Boys, I would have to give her a stern talking to. But...if the owner of the station wants a partner in crime to gather the needed material to keep the adult pay per view channel thriving, then hey...tell em to call ME. Cause there is one thing that life has taught me: no one voluntarily pays for anything they do not want, and no business exists in a capitalist economy that does not have a market. So, Pastors and missionaries, get on your jobs, cause there's a whole lot of souls that need savin'...and it doesn't look like DanceHall TV is going anywhere.

The Wickedest Time said...

hahaha thats real! the more I think about it, the more I realize that if it wasn't dancehall channel someone else will benefit from it - as long as they know that there is an audience...but it would be nice if dancehall channel showed other aspects of the community rather than feeding into the stereotype. If they want to have a program that shows the REAL and the UNCUT...fine...but they can ALSO show us in a more positive light on another program on the channel...

delightful said...

i find it funny that the owner makes money of slack woman cause if the chick with her shit all out,getting felt up shouldmake some money.dont she know bitches get paid alot of money to do what she does for free...foolishness dat

The Wickedest Time said...

a eediat ting dat fa real! she can start living a life with fatter pockets doing what she obviously loves already if she started charging. I wonder if she consider it offensive to charge?

Jamaica My Way said...

LOL just seeing this post right now....2 years later haa. Some good points made by Josephine and Delightful. I only laughed the fluffy gyal who picked up the dude.

The Wickedest Time said...

so i decided to watch this again to kinda refresh my memory... ummmm, when will this chick realize that it's time to go home?

Anonymous said...

Am a Jamaican have
my own business and apartments for rent plus sports car. I don't like it when that girl josephine called Jamaican broke ass. I can supplied her for two life time. I'm not bosting just to set her straight.

Anonymous said...

who want to see it will pay it
what's the big deal.

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