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Freddie McGregor’s Bigship sailed into Dallas/Ft Worth, Live show at the Caribbean Grill

In Photo: Chino

I came across this event coverage and decided that paraphrasing would do it NO justice, so enjoy!

I am a BIG fan of CHINO so I am pleased to hear that he is respectful and of course disappointed in Laden - either way - go on and indulge!


What can I say; this will be a hard review for me. Yes me the Queen who have reviewed hundreds of reggae artists over the years. (smile).

The positive thing is: The Show was centrally located at: The Premiere Reggae spot – Caribbean Grill in Dallas, making it easy for the fans to find. The night as we have come to know was Texas hot!!! The DJ’s played a solid set. Local Artist such as Singing Kumba was in the house, always pleasant to see him. Singing Kumba brings always the sunshine with him; positive Rasta vibes even though he did not perform. The house was packed!!! This is also a good indication that Reggae in Dallas is getting back its Reggae Grooves. Last but not least is; Freddie Mcgregor came out and mingled with the crowd, both before the show and after: for me a strong fan advocate, Freddie surely gets an A-1 for this. It shows the respect for those who came out to bless up the place.

Jamaican Reggae Artist – LADEN
In all honesty, if I had not interviewed this Youth man from Jamaica, everything would have been cool. He gave a solid performance to an ever appreciating crowd. So there was no slack there. However, once off the stage he proved to be crass, rude and full of himself. I understand in interviewing him that he has only been performing for 3 years that would explain his cockiness. Although he is a good entertainer, he has a beautiful voice: moves smoothly with his well received releases such as: “Shine”, ” Really Like You”, and Money over war”.

However, Laden has a lot to learn about the International press; hopefully he will learn some much needed social decorum, before his mouth put the breaks on his budding career. No, I am not using his Youth as an excuse for rude behavior, I’ve interviewed other more well known Reggae youths out of Jamaica, such as “Movado” and trust me, he did not exhibit this same type of behavior.

I am a Jamaican born woman, so it pains me to write anything negative about any of my brothers, however over the years I had been taught by my mentor – Mikey Dread (DATC) to call it as I see it, in all honesty “without any apologies”.

With that said, I will move on to the positive-ness of the Big Ship sailing into Dallas!

DanceHall Artist- Chino
A breath of fresh air literally! Chino lit up the Dallas Massive like the world’s popular Christmas tree lightening in New York’s Times Square. Magnificent! Not only did he pull the hard core Dancehall fans strings like a puppet, he also pulled the strings of the veteran roots and culture crowd. He came, he performed and he solidly took the house. Chino most definitely inherited his musical creativity honestly, being the son of Freddie McGregor.

When Chino bust out on stage with his most popular song in Dallas “HAFFI GET D CREAM” the house erupted and rocked like an 10.0 Earthquake; talk about moving a crowd! Chino most certainly did this and more. He has a beautiful rock hard voice, dealing with Dancehall solidly; I would encourage any and everyone to check him out. Well, it does not stop there. He was a pleasure to interview; he’s respectful, polite and just cool. Well, yes he is also a youth man from Jamaica, well Hmmmmmm! go figure the contrast right?! Anyway, it was an enjoyably pleasant interview. I learned from him,that he will be doing promotions for Coca cola zero in Jamaica and soon coke billboards will spring up all across the Island of Jamaica. I can see Chino doing bigger and better things in the coming future in Reggae. He is already a class act; so it can only get better!!!! Just keep your eyes on this young man. Big things a coming!

Going in not knowing what to expect from Chino, I was pleasantly surprised! I did receive positive reports from from my compadre’ in California – Carmelita Harris with Irie Vision Worldbeat TV – she had the opportunity to chat them up while they performed in California. However Carmelita is a well known Reggae TV personality and normally Artists are tuned in to good behavior around her;they know who the media is, and will more likely be on guard in good behaviour.

Being a Radio Personality and writer. Sometimes I get the opportunity to be invisible and observe, before I introduce myself to those who don’t already know me. I like to see what the honest personalities are, when they don’t recognize the media. (smile). This is truly the true perception of the person. With that said, Carmelita’s assessment was on the money with Freddie and Chino they were exactly as she said; a pleasure. However her assessment with Laden was way off.. OK I have to be straight with you.. Maybe me referring to him as Bin Laden!!! Tacked his hide. (smile).

Moving on to

Veteran Reggae Artist – Freddie Mcgregor

What can I say about Freddie that has not already been written about over the last 40 years? Traveling with Mikey Dread over the years, I’ve been able to witness Freddie performance on numerous occasions, in many different places. His performance tonight was classic Freddie,something the people here in Dallas needed. I understand that he had not paid a visit to Dallas in over 20 years. That is a long time. Now, I was just hearing this from the crowd, I did not live in Dallas in 1989. Freddie has the reputation of being one of the most vocally gifted reggae singers around; this fact was more than proven at the Caribbean Grill on Saturday night. Although, he did not offer any new songs, he did have the audience in full control with just his classics such as: “Big ship” – whom he recorded with Linval Thompson; “Brandy”; and my all time favorite – “When Push come to Shove”; he pushed on with classic hits after hits such as: “I was born a winner”, “Comin in tough” and “Just don’t want to be lonely”.

Probably the most exciting part of the show for me was when he so graciously paid homage to one of my all time favorite Reggae Artist -Crown Prince of Reggae- Dennis Brown- he sung Dennis’s highly regarded hit song “Here I come” to the excitement of the already overwhelmed crowd, with lighters flickering,the fans just went mad it was off the chain!!! Even had me rockin!

Well folks that does it for me. To Freddie I say positively. A Little Bit More!!!

Just a note: I elected not to interview Freddie for this reason only. He had appeared on The Reggae solutions show the past Wednesday night In which I am the Host, he interviewed with my Co-Host Steady Rankin. Freddie has been out there for years and is already a giant in the industry. I chose to interview the Youth, give them more International exposure in hopes to give them their time to shine, as they are the future.

Also: Keep in mind, I was really out of my elements here. I have always been strictly a Lover’s rock, Roots reggae and Culture lady. I am use to dealing strictly with Rasta’s for many years; the vibe is always different than Dandehall. However, I was invited to the show by Compliment of the Caribbean Grill, so I truly Big them up!

Next to come in two weeks!! – Beres Hammond rolling in to Dallas with Culture and Kenyatta Hill!!! Sunday August 30th at the House of Blues.

True Peace and Love Darlins!

Queen Mushiya


Source: JamaicanPressRelease

New Caribbean Movie ‘Redemption of Paradise’ Premieres in Jamaica This Wednesday

Caribbean-based films, production company, Color Bars Production will premiere the high impact action drama movie ‘Redemption of Paradise’ in Jamaica this Wednesday, August 19, at Weekenz in Kingston. Following that, the movie will hit the big screens via Palace Amusement in Jamaica before heading to the box office across the Caribbean and the rest of the world.After its successful run at the box office, director/executive producer Noel ‘Doc’ Howell’s Color Bars Production will release it on DVD and online via Amazon and Netflix.

This gritty new film starring veteran dancehall reggae artiste Macka Diamond, opens the international doors to Color Bars foray into Caribbean filmmaking. ‘Redemption of Paradise’ is the first large scale release for the company which was founded by Howell, who directed and co-wrote the film with producer Courtney Boyd, who will travel to Jamaica for the first time in 20 years for the premiere.

Set in the fictional island of Paradise, the movie chronicles the efforts of Millie, played by Macka Diamond, to take a stand against the corruption that infests her hometown. As the story unfolds, truths are revealed and the once blissful oasis becomes a tangled web of lies, deceit and murder. The film details the struggles in crime ridden communities throughout the Caribbean.

The soundtrack includes title track ‘Paradise Redemption’ featuring Tarrus Riley, Lady G, Barbee, Duane Stephenson and the film’s star Macka Diamond. Despite the challenges, the ability to create and distribute films in today’s economy is important to Dr. Howell.
“So far I have financed all of my projects and expect that ‘Redemption of Paradise’ will open the door to more,” said Dr. Howell.

“With major blockbusters like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ highlighting our naturally beautiful islands coupled with our rich authentic history, I believe there are still more stories for us to share with the world. Who better to tell our story than us? So I encourage all Caribbean people to support each other as we put these films out.”

As a divorced father of two, Dr. Howell managed to juggle fatherhood, working at his medical clinic and attending film school. A graduate of both University of Miami medical school and NYU film school, Dr. Howell grew up in Antigua where his love of literature helped forge his passion for storytelling. A shy and quiet person, his writing became an outlet to share his thoughts and feelings. While he is still a practicing pediatrician in New York City, Dr. Howell desires to also use film making as his vehicle of change and provide a positive voice in the mist of social, moral and financial decay. “I want to make movies that wake up the conscience of people,” says Dr. Howell. “I like filmmakers like Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino who are not afraid to let their films have a voice. I want people to reflect on issues when they see my films.”

Dr. Howell has managed to capture this in ‘Redemption of Paradise’, expected to be a smashing success. Several persons, including the production team, artistes and members of the film industry, will be flying in from Antigua and New York for the Jamaica premiere. They will join a host of specially invited guests from Jamaica’s film, music and media industry, among other luminaries, at Weekenz tonight. Following the premiere, Dr. Howell jumps into his next two projects, a reality show called ‘Reggae Buss’, as well as a mini-series called ‘Serious Times’.

Source: JamaicaPressRelease

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bounty Killer Goes Hard in Vybz Kartel Diss 'Chatta Box'

Bounty Killer went EXTRA hard on Vybz Kartel in 'Chatta Box' which is funny because just the other day he had an interview at Sumfest talking about Gully and Gaza should unite! To check out that interview, click here!

I understand that the WAR must go on to keep the hype alive but Bounty took this one OVER the top with really personal lyrics hinting that Vybz Kartel is a pedophile, which by the way is becoming more and more visible within the dancehall community.

"Mi a listen to yuh song dem and a pree yuh style, seh yuh a lodge and yuh wicked and yuh evil vile, fuck pon di school bus yuh really tell di likkle child. Next thing two spot a blood pon har frock, tell me which big woman mother beat har fi dat, yuh seh yuh a fuck gal when dem parents a watch, so tell mi if a big people speech dat."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brazilian TV Host Orders Hits on Competitors To Boost Ratings

So in the awareness section I try to keep it... (pssst...FUBU) but I saw a news article about a guy in Rio De Janiero, Brazil and dammit...that's close enough!

News worth sharing!

So, have you seen City of God! I love that movie and this one shows us that it really IS crazy out there in Brazil. Beautiful people, lovely language, crazy place.

Wallace Souza is a state legislator, former host of a police television show, drug trafficker and is now being accused of ordering hits out on his competitors, but let me tell you how he planned this one out!

To get rid of the competition -- and drive up ratings -- he would order that criminal rivals be killed and then would have his camera crews arrive first on the scene to cover the story!!

If that's not a mastermind in action, I don't know what is.

This is why I say I have a sick sense of humor, because I find this funny. Its WRONG, but funny! Who does this? Who thinks like this? Obviously they're out there because we see him and others like him on the news everyday.

People are CRAZY so watch yourself when you're disrespecting people, being manipulative or in this case, being successful at what you do because people are plotting on murder just for ratings.

Of course, he denied all accusations and even though Wallace Souza is facing charges of forming a criminal gang, corrupting testimony, drug trafficking and illegal possession of firearms. He remains free because of legislative immunity. Can you believe it?

Source: CNN

Redemption of Paradise Starring Macka Diamond To Be Released on August 19th

‘Redemption Of Paradise’ is a movie about vigilante justice set in the beautiful island of Paradise. What was once a safe and pleasurable island has now become plagued with violence, drugs, and gangs. Tired of the corruption that has infested her hometown, one citizen decides to take a stand. Millie (played by dancehall star Macka Diamond) forms a community watch group, which amongst other things encourages the local businessmen to stop paying protection money and to deter the corrupt efforts of Paradise's drug kingpin. The subplot to the movie involves a much younger Millie and a horrible twist to the story begins to unravel.

I like to front, but I must say that I am interested in the movie 'Redemption of Paradise' that is being released on a very special day, yes, August 19th (my birthday!)

Of course, I wont be able to see it but I feel like it was promoted well and although I was VERY skeptical at first, I really think it might be a good movie - so lets see if it makes it to the US.

So once you see it you need to send me a review, let me know how you liked it!

"This movie is going to surprise a lot of people with its quality, story line, and acting. This is my chance to show people that I have up my acting skills as well, so I am asking the dancehall industry and the fans to support me in this project," says Macka.

I am going to be very disappointed if it sucks, but she makes a good point...

"We have to move in this direction to create new revenue streams for our creative people in Jamaica, and the possibilities are endless if the project takes off, you have merchandising, TV, and syndication in other Caribbean countries. We have to be bold and take chances if our entertainment industry is to grow and become the powerhouse that it can be."

You can't be afraid to take chances if you have ANY intention on succeeding and we already know that some of the most talented people on this planet is from the Caribbean so we should have achieved so much more by now.

The Antiguan film, produced by Dr. Howell’s film company Colour Bars Film Production, was filmed mainly in Antigua featuring stars from across the Caribbean. An international crew flew in to Antigua to help orchestrate stunts, from car chases and explosions, and handle cinematography as well. Dr. Howell is extremely proud of his latest production, confident that movie goers will love every minute of it.

“‘Redemption Of Paradise’ will definitely keep everyone on the edge of their seats,” said Howell. “It’s full of action, has a great story line and the acting is superb, not to mention the directing. It’s a fantastic movie, if I may say so myself.”

But from looking at the trailer.....I just don't know - the trailer looks pretty bad, but you can't judge a book by its cover!

Source: One876Entertainement

Queen Ifrica Responds to Vybz Kartel's Malicious Statements

So, does everyone know whats going on with Ifrica and Kartel? If you need to be updated, click here!

When it was time for Queen Ifrica to acknowledge and speak on the statements from Vybz Kartel she seemed oblivious to what was going on. Claiming that she didn't even realize that her single, 'No Bwoy' was getting so much attention.

She says that 'No Bwoy' was not meant as a diss towards Vybz Kartel, and for a matter of fact, she is a fan of his work but was simply doing what comes naturally to her, make music with a message.

“None of Kartel songs offend me. This song is not about Kartel, nor a contradiction or answer to any song he has done. This song is a song to encourage little girls and boys to make the right decision when it comes to sex. I can tell you of some of his songs that I appreciate, which are many," states Ifrica.

“I have always been doing these type of songs. When you listen to ‘Daddy Don’t Touch’ or ‘Randy’…anyone who knows me know that these are songs the songs I sing, the personal topics. Recently I have been to the girls home, the schools, Fort Augustus women prison, where I see young girls locked up with the adult women. And I talk to them, I try to encourage them. I want to help them, through my music to make better choices, responsible choices."

She went on to say, "It is unfortunate that I have to explain myself to anyone for doing songs that are encouraging our young girls not to sell away their body or give away prematurely something that it so precious to them. When you look at the statistics of rape, boys and girls, especially among girls, it gone through the roof. Seven hundred children missing” Queen Ifrika said passionately.

“Look I am a mother and when you check it these young girls don’t have enough guidance when it comes to their sexuallity. The majority of Jamaicans are poor people, the majority of people who suffer the ills of society are poor people. Yet more, gun, alcohol and condoms full in a di ghetto”

She says that the thing that bothers her most is the unspoken topics that need to be addressed are being ignored by her counterparts and that she has been called to bare chest for doing the right thing.

“The entire industry need to come on the side of the people cause society just a use dem and spit dem out, dem need to come on the people side and stop fraid a society. It is so unfare and you can know say it gone to the dogs when I have to justify myself. I am known to do one type of music, message music and I will not stop. My music is known for one purpose only to encourage the development of my people, sisters and brothers."

Beautifully spoken!

Source: One876Entertainment

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Event Coverage: Blazed and Confused Tour @ Merriweather Post Pavilion - August 5th

In Photo: Empress Doms & Spragga Benz
Blazed and Confused is an understatement!

The Merriweather Post Pavilion is HUGE and this was my first time out here so getting lost was inevitable.

The Blazed and Confused tour featured Spragga Benz, Stephen Marley, Julian Marley, Snoop Dogg, Half Pint, Slightly Stoopid, Mickey Avalon, Sublime and so much more...

In Photo: Empress Doms & Julian Marley
Definitely a show you wouldn't have wanted to miss.

Do you know the feeling you get where you KNOW its all about having a good time? No fuss, no fight, no stress - the feeling is priceless. You are surrounded by talent, good music, cool people and the promise of a good night.

The name of the tour was Blazed and Confused and that's what the vibe was like the ENTIRE time!

Mellow people, getting high, sipping drinks, listening to Roots, Rock and of course, Reggae!!

The headliner for the Blazed and Confused tour was Slightly Stoopid and although I never heard of them before, I am happy I was introduced to this band because their music is really good. Click this to hear them.

Spragga Benz was full of hype and knows the exact formula to catch a crowd, it comes naturally to him and the crowd reacted GREAT during his set. He also performed during Slightly Stoopid and Kurupt's set and gave the patrons exactly what they came for!! That's how a cross over is supposed to be done!

In Photo: Half Pint
Half Pint was there giving away some of my FAVORITE songs to the crowd, like "Just Be Good To Me" - it was a pleasant surprise because I didn't even know he was supposed to be at the show - great performance!!

The drinks were rolling, everyone was 'going green' and the show was CRAZY! My only complaint for the night was the turnout, yes, it was a GREAT turnout, lots of people came out to support - but only a handful of them were BLACK! What's up with that?

Fellas!! There is a lady in your life that deserves a birthday gift, anniversary present, an I Love You and I want to show it! So what's going on?! This would have been the perfect gift!!!

Well the summer isn't over, yet! There are a few more exciting events lined up so don't mess this up...

I can front like I wasn't blazed and confused the ENTIRE night, but why should I? That was the point!

It was a fun night and the tour is officially complete. If the night at the Merriweather Post Pavilion is a representation of what the entire Blazed and Confused tour was like then I am sure Olifant Vodka and the talented artists featured on the tour are pleased, as a consumer I believe it is safe to say that I was.

Christopher Martin DROPS His Jamaican Girlfriend

Sweet singing Christopher Martin is a heart breaker!

He has officially parted ways with his girlfriend of over three years but sources say they are still on pleasant terms.

"Trust me, he couldn't have found a nicer, more down to earth woman to deal with. She is real cool, not the type to be confrontational or in your face. It just goes to show that men don't know what they want. I don't think she saw this one coming at all."

People are suspecting that the distance between the two is what tore the relationship apart. Ex girlfriend, Sasha resides in the United States, and we already know what life is like for an entertainer.

She commuted regularly to visit Christopher Martin but started hearing rumors about him being involved with another woman - when she asked him about the rumors he would always deny the hear say.

Is this what happens when you date a celebrity? The instant they get some limelight they get kicked to the curb? What a shame...

Yeah, we know it happens - but ALL the time?? Even with the D-listers??

"She is such a decent girl that even after all that he has done, she has nothing but good things to say about him. I really don't get it." the source commented.

Source: YardFlex

Kingston Paradise to Premiere in 2010

Jamaican director Mary Wells is pleased to announce the successful completion of principal photography on her first feature film Kingston Paradise. This new gripping action drama from Jamaica now enters post-production and is expected to release in theatres in 2010.

Shot entirely on location in downtown Kingston, the production breaks new ground as Jamaica’s first noir thriller. While the film continues in the successful tradition of Jamaican urban dramas such as The Harder They Come, Dancehall Queen and Third World Cop, Kingston Paradise employs a unique visual style along with unexpected plot elements. “Kingston Paradise tells a funky off-beat story with serious drama, exciting action, funny moments, and a philosophical twist,” says Mary Wells, who also wrote the script for the 90-minute film.

The story of Kingston Paradise revolves around Rocksy, a young Jamaican taxi driver who survives the edgy streets of downtown Kingston by hustling and pimping. Together with his prostitute Rosie and friend Malt, he dreams of the quintessential Caribbean beach paradise and the glamorous fast life. When one day they see a fancy sports car parked in front of their humble dwellings, they plot to steal it in order to make some quick bucks and to change their lives. After a thrilling car chase, they get hold of the car, but how to sell it? “And from here on they discover more about how to be and how to find their own paradise, their own peace in life along a straight and narrow path,” Wells explains.

The cast of Kingston Paradise consists of a mix of professional Jamaican actors and emerging local talent, including Christopher “Johnny” Daley (Rocksy), Camille Small (Rosie), DJ Rock Supreme/Greggory Nelson (Malt), Paul Shoucair, Peter Abrikian, and well-known veteran Munair Zacca (Live and Let Die, Royal Palm Estate, Countryman, Shottas). In addition, the film features two cameo performances by Jamaican dancehall artists Wayne Marshall and Demarco. Wells: “I feel very fortunate with this group of talented actors. For many it was their first performance in a feature, but they were all great and very committed to the project. I hope this film will inspire many young people.”

Kingston Paradise is a Jamaican/Dutch co-production between FilmeArt, which is Wells’ film company, the Creative Production and Training Centre (CPTC), Jamaica’s leading multi-media production and training house, and Caribbean Creativity, an Amsterdam-based organization that aims to stimulate and promote Caribbean film projects. “CPTC is an incredible co-production partner. They have provided all the technical equipment as well as most of the crew, and much more. Caribbean Creativity has been of great importance as well. Although operating from the Netherlands, they supported the project from the start and have brought in invaluable financial and creative input,” Wells says.

Emiel Martens, Chief Executive Officer of Caribbean Creativity, states: “Making a feature film in Jamaica is a pretty daring proposition, but Mary has been able to bring together a dedicated team of filmmakers and actors who were more than up to the job and who’s expertise will make Kingston Paradise a compelling cinematic experience for Jamaican and international moviegoers.” Other members of the behind-the-camera crew include director of photography Quarry Bastfield, camera assistant Michael Edwards, sound recordist Andre Bidwell, production designer Suzana Da Silva Gregory, and make-up artist and wardrobe stylist Sandra Gayle. The film was made with financial support from the CHASE Fund and sponsorship from Lucazade, Burger King and Motor Sales.

Kingston Paradise has the potential to become the next cult flick out of Jamaica. “The story is very Jamaican, very Caribbean, and has a look and feel that people worldwide will hopefully respond to,” Mary concludes. For further details about the film, please visit the upcoming official website www.KingstonParadiseMovie.com soon, or contact info@caribbeancreativity.nl.

Source: JamaicaPressRelease

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playlist: Popcaan - Mobay Anthem

Popcaan in the Mobay Anthem!

How old is Popcaan? Too young to sing all these gangsta tunes but I still rock to it! I'm officially a Popcaan fan, Kartel teaches his students well...

Kartel Responds to Queen Ifrica Calling Her A Hypocrite

I wrote a post a few weeks ago entitled, 'Is Vybz Kartel A Pedophile?' which was my immediate question after hearing Queen Ifrica's 'No Bwoy', to refresh your memory, click here!

Kartel responded to Queen Ifrica in a statement saying, "They think they are the police force of morality when they're just hypocrites. If you, Ifrica don't like my songs, so what!? The fans love it!"

"Queen Ifrica and others like her are all hypocrites and acting like they are paragons of virtue. When I create my art it is not for estranged fools posing as artists to critique, it is for my fans - not for you Ifrica, and guess what? The ladies love it bad bad and if yuh have a dawta I know she hides from her hypocrite mother and listens to it attentively!"

DAMN Kartel!

Kartel also states that his virginity song was about him and his girlfriend reminiscing about their teenage years.

He stresses that his biggest problem is the fact that Queen Ifrica expects people to relate to her music when she sings about molestation but refuses to look and read into his music from his perspective - she seems close minded on the issue.

I think Queen Ifrica was molested while growing up, which is why she seems so passionate about the topic and she is just sensitive to anything relating to adolescent sex, but thats just me tapping into my psychological sixth sense. Who's with me?

Source: OutARoad

Playlist: Aidonia - I Like Her

Ai di di di di DONIA!!

While performing at ATI for the Independence Day celebration, I hear he had an altercation on stage with some of Mavado's entourage - an attempt to rush Aidonia off of the stage. Which obviously didn't work with Aidonia.

Does he even look like the type that would give in to bullying?

Aidonia has swag, and I love it!!

Listen to Aidonia in "I Like Her".

Monday, August 10, 2009

Major Lazer ft. Mr. Lexx for 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards are accepting votes for the breakthrough video of "Hold The Line" - Major Lazer ft. Mr. Lexx and Santigold.

For me, anytime reggae is featured in something mainstream, they've got my vote. I am all for the forward movement of the reggae culture, industry, and music.

If you love reggae and want to see it become more distinct on the airwaves, television, the big screen, WORLDWIDE - you have to represent and show them that there is a fan base when they ask you to vote.

So do REGGAE a favor...vote here!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Jamaica Independence Day!

Today, The Wickedest Time is wishing EVERYONE a Happy Jamaica Independence Day. I, personally am taking today off. Honestly, I think you should do the same. Enjoy today with friends and family, cook, eat, drink, smoke, laugh and relax.

Find a party!! Or at least a gathering where you can chill and catch a good vibe.

Today is a day of FREEDOM!

No restraints, no stress.

The Jamaica National Flag was first raised on Independence Day, August 6th, 1962 which marks today the 47th anniversary!! It signifies the birth of OUR nation.

The Flag brings to mind memories of past achievements and gives inspiration towards further success. It is flown on many triumphant occasions, showing the pride that Jamaicans have in their country and in the flag itself. Jamaicans are FILLED with pride so showing love and representing on this special day will come naturally.

Music and dance are very important in our culture, so of course this will be a very important part of our celebration but let us not forget to pay homage to the people who played an important role in achieving this independence.

I wish everyone peace, love, tranquility and happiness.

Take care of yourself and have fun!

I went to the Blazed and Confused tour last night!! CRAZILY INSANE!! Event Coverage coming soon...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Playlist: Mavado - Hope and Pray

It must be really hard for up and coming artists to make it right now because Gully and Gaza are flooding the streets!

This one is a new BIG chune from Mavado - Hope and Pray...

But while we're on the topic of gully and gaza - I keep telling you that the fans are the ones causing all the havoc. Empire and Alliance are here to ENTERTAIN you! Kartel said it, Bounty said it - so why isn't any one paying attention??

In St. Andrew there is now a 'No Mavado Law' created by the fans. This of course is a spoken law where it should be understood that if you play any of Mavado songs, expect to get ONE warning to turn it off, after that, violence CAN and WILL take place.

What kind of foolishness is that? A lady who was in her HOME was playing a mix CD with both Mavado and Kartel on it, but once a neighbor heard it she was threatened and reminded that Vybz Kartel supporters don't condone the playing of Mavado tunes.

A man was ASSAULTED for refusing to turn off Mavado while driving in his car!! "Dem tell him fi turn off di music 'cause dem nuh play dem bwoy deh song dem. So im seh dem can't tell him wha fi play inna him car."

But apparently they can because he was slapped across the face for questioning their authority.


When Vybz Kartel was contacted, he dismissed suggestions that his 'followers' were using violence to intimidate others and to dictate who or what they listen to.

He said, "No one in my immediate surroundings as it relates to entourage, so to speak, has any desire to dictate what people listen to nor do we care. And in the same breath of air, I want no one who is a Gaza supporter to be intolerant to other people's choice of music, much less react in any violent way, shape or form, 'cause that's not what the Gaza is about."

Source: The Star

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Event Coverage: Beres Hammond @ Rams Head Live - July 30th

In Photo: Beres Hammond
What a NIGHT!

If you missed Beres Hammond in your town, I feel sorry for you because this was definitely a special moment in time and something to remember.

He performed at Rams Head Live in Baltimore Maryland this past Thursday and I loved every single minute of it.

Below, you will find where the rest of the tour will be heading, so if its near you, do yourself a favor and get a ticket!

When I arrived, I saw a GREAT crowd patiently waiting for the ORIGINATOR to come on stage, smiling, sipping on their drink, eating finger food and doing the two step. But LAWD, when Beres touched the stage EVERY lady in the building RUSHED to the stage and nearly knocked me over just to get a touch of his hand.

That's when I realized that Beres can get any woman he wants, young, middle aged or old - so for all you fellas who think your sweetie is thinking of you when she's singing her favorite Beres song, you better think again. The only thing on her mind is Beres Hammond.

The only thing these ladies DIDN'T do was throw their panties on stage, LOL! I'm laughing but I'm not even joking. These ladies were dangerous but they all had a BIG smile on their faces, and so did Beres...

This was one of those shows where you knew and loved EVERY song that he performed, which only means MONEY WELL SPENT!

I don't even really have to sell Beres Hammond to you because he sells himself. Great artist, great performer, great energy, and a great vibe no matter where he is.

In Photo: Empress Doms & Beres Hammond
I was pleased to meet Mr. Beres Hammond back stage and he was so nice I almost offered myself a drink - I don't even think he would have mind, he probably would have poured it for me not to mention, I did notice that Hennessy was his liquor of choice! We already have so much in common...

5-Aug Wednesday Columbus, OH Ala Rosa
6-Aug Thursday Detroit, MI Majestic Theater
7-Aug Friday Nelson, OH Mid west Reggae Festival
8-Aug Saturday Chicago, IL Martin

10-Aug Monday St. Louis, MO Club Viva

12-Aug Wednesday Minneapolis, MN 1st Ave.
15-Aug Saturday Calgary, AB International Reggae Festival
17-Aug Monday Vancouver BC Commodore Ballroom
18-Aug Tuesday Seattle, WA Studio 7

19-Aug Wednesday Eurka, CA TBA
21-Aug Friday San Francisco, CA Regency Center Grand Ballroom
22-Aug Saturday San Diego, CA Wave House
23-Aug Sunday Los Angeles, CA Sports Arena

24-Aug Monday Phoenix, AZ TBA

25-Aug Tuesday Santa Fe, NM Sante Fe Brewing
27-Aug Thursday Austin, TX TBA
28-Aug Friday New Orleans, LA House of Blues
29-Aug Saturday Houston, TX Royal Palace

30-Aug Sunday Dallas, TX House of Blues

Ganja Plane Crashes, Two Men Burn To Death

Yesterday morning around 9am a small US registered plane crashed landed and burst into flames right along the St. Ann - St. Catherine border leaving two men dead.

The identification of the two were delayed because the bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

Authorities soon arrived to the scene for an investigation, and left with four other men in handcuffs for drug smuggling.

Approximately 2,000 lbs of compressed marijuana was found in a nearby car that the men were travelling in and it is believed that the plane was chartered to traffic the marijuana from the island.

A nearby witness states, "This morning I was on the lake doing some fishing when I saw this plane circling like it wanted to land. Afterwards it went over where the Digicel poles were and touched on one of them and head towards the area."

"When this happened, it dropped so low over the houses and lake where I was fishing before it went over the hill and I hear a big explosion. I rushed up there in about two three minutes and saw soldiers on the scene," he said.

Authorities are still seeking the origin and the expected destination of the marijuana.

Source: JamaicaObserver

Playlist: Assassin -Still Missing You

This tune is WICKED!!

It's sweet, sad but definitely touching and I am sure there are a lot of people who've lost someone and still missing them.

New one from Assassin - Still Missing You...

Tarrus Riley: The Contagious Tour at Crossroads - Aug. 23

The album Contagious is in stores TODAY, August 4th! So go out and support one our TOP reggae artists that can comfortable stand beside legends like Beres Hammond, Luciano, Sizzla, Morgan Heritage.

Today is his day, so go out and show him some love!

I look forward to this one!

Tarrus Riley is one of my favorite artists and I can't WAIT to see him Aug. 23rd at Crossroads [4103 Baltimore Avenue Downtown Bladensburg, MD] ...

Not to mention it's BIG BASH WEEKEND!

I'm LOVING you Tarrus Riley!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Spice In a Head On Collision While On Her Way To Quad Night Club


What's going on? You need to take care of yourself!

Spice was in a car accident over the weekend. Head on collision but luckily she is safe and sound.

On Friday (late night/early morning) while on her way to Kingston for the 'Digicel ATI Flip It Fridays' at the Quad she was in a head on collision with another vehicle whose driver did not realize that he was heading onto a main road.

Although Spice was unable to make it to the event at the Quad she does apologize for not being there. Thats dedication!

She was a bit shaken up from the accident and her Mitsubishi Pajero was towed.

"I am usually in the front seat and some of the times I'm not wearing my seat belt and last night I wasn't because we were in a rush to get back to Kingston for the show at Quad, so I just jumped in. If I was still in the front I would have died because I would have gone through the windscreen. All of the front is totally damaged. It can't be driven. I just can't believe that could have been it. I am thankful to be here right now."

The Wickedest Time family is happy to know that Spice is safe, we're looking forward to big things so you take care of yourself.

Source: One876Entertainment

Playlist: Beres Hammond - Come Back Home

Some good tunes today!!

Listening to a mix of Roots & Culture, Dancehall, and Oldies but Goodies. A good day!

This one is for the Oldies lovers...

Should I do another Beres? I can't help it...I love him!

Playlist: Ras Penco - Thousand Miles Away [Official Vid]

I'm disappointed in myself for not listening to this one sooner!

Ras Penco!! I've been hearing about you in subliminal messages but I JUST gave in! He was just at SUMFEST the other day so I should have known better.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Ras Penco in Thousand Miles Away. Thanks to specialist for making me pay attention to this one!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Playlist: Beres Hammond - Can't Stop A Man

I went to the Beres Hammond show last night at Rams Head Live and LOVED every single minute of it.

All of his songs are great but this one is on my top 5 list! I didn't even know which one to choose...

I'll have the event coverage of the show up bright and early Monday morning so be on the look out!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mundo Ravers - The Sassa Step Originator

So for the past 3 months, if you heard anything about Mr. Vegas - it probably had something to do with his Sassa Step competition.

Big up to Fatta Diamond and Dabba Diamond from Stinga Movements - I see you guys making big moves!

The winner was announced, Shy N from Japan which landed him a roundtrip flight to Jamaica to be featured in Mr. Vegas' 'Sassa Step' video. My question is, are the best dancehall dancers, Japanese? I think not.

Shy N, I'm not hating on you - congrats on your achievement, but how about we highlight the Sassa Step originator, Mundo Ravers from Ravers Clavers.

Click below to see how Munda Ravers do the Sassa Step.

Jovi Rockwell at the Reggae Summer Fest August 30th at the DC City Center

Looking at a flyer and realizing that Ms. Jovi Rockwell will be at the Reggae Summerfest this year, right in our backyard!

Yes mi dear, Reggae Summerfest on August 30th at the DC City Center (900 9th Street NW).

For tickets log on to http://www.reggaesummerfest.net/

I use to LOVE this song - 'You're Gonna Need Me' with Mr. Vegas and Jovi Rockwell, I can't believe that it came out like 2 years ago. Time flies...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spice Signed to VP Records

Lately, everyone's been noticing that Spice is officially the HARDEST WORKING WOMAN in the industry. With the recent launch of her clothing store, her hit single with Vybz Kartel, 'Ramping Shop' on the Billboards, billed to perform at damn near every major reggae stage show and still juggling the family life.

I must say, she might be invincible!

I can imagine she feels good knowing that all of her hard work is paying off because the pockets MUST be fatter this time around and now with the recent news that she is the newest member of the VP Records family is just the icing on the cake.

Grace "Spice" Hamilton was signed last week to VP Records for a major album deal after realizing that this was the best choice for her.

"Last year so many people started to approach me about signing me to album deals but I was so hesitant. After reading over some of the contracts and listening to what some of them had to say it didn't seem like the best option. But when VP approached me and we went over the terms and when I thought of the fact that they were primarily focused on Caribbean artists and they know how to market their own, I felt more comfortable and I decided they were the best option."

Spice is proof that you have to work towards your goals in order to achieve. She's so busy doing her thing that she doesn't even have the time to pay attention to the hypocrites and the badminded.

Keep it up Spice!!

Playlist: Busy Signal - One More Night

Busy Signal just has a relaxed vibe and you can hear it in his music - one of the reasons why I love him as an artist.

Now, I HATED that song, ' Tic Toc'. I think I hated that one with a special passion but Busy Signal will always have a fan in me.

Enjoy 'One More Night' by Busy Signal, you'll realize that its on a familiar riddim because it was sampled from Phil Collins - One More Night, but of course with a reggae twist.

Playlist: Spragga Benz - Tiny Tot [Official Vid]

The official video is here!

'Tiny Tot' is one of Spragga's most recent hit single thats been getting CRAZY rotation, lots of airplay and not to mention he literally KILLED this riddim!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playlist: Mavado - House Cleaning

Double dose of Mavado today!

WICKED song! This one is getting a LOT of ratings so tell your local DJs to step their game up if you're not hearing this in the clubs.

Playlist: Laden - Time to Shine [Official Vid]

Whens it gonna be my time to SHINE, right now I'm in my PRIME!

Story of my life! hahaha

Click below to watch the official video...

Boat with 200 Haitians Tips Over, 113 Saved, 85 Missing

A boat carrying Haitian migrants tipped over and sank off the Turks and Caicos Islands where up to 85 people are missing, the U.S. Coast Guard said this morning.

One survivor said the boat struck a reef as it tried to elude police.
Rescuers found 113 survivors and 2 bodies stranded at nearby reefs.

The shipwreck happened around 2pm Monday afternoon where the migrants were attempting an escape of the poverty stricken country - with hopes to find a better life elsewhere.

The boat carrying up to 200 Haitians had been at sea for three days when passengers saw a police vessel and accidentally steered the boat onto a reef as they tried to hide.

Unfortunately, this is something that happens regularly where people attempt to escape their country in overcrowded and in boats that lack construction. There was a case in 2007 where another boat tipped over and some of the unidentifiable victims were eaten by sharks.

Coast guards have been working throughout the night searching for survivors.

What do you say in a situation like this...good luck?

Source: AssociatedPress

Playlist: Mavado - A So You Move

This song maaaaaaaaaaaaad!

Mavado really needs to make a video for this one.

Nothing but PURE love for this one. Absolute love.

Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae

Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae is a documentary that allows us to take a peek into what they call 'Jamaica's Golden Age of music,' Rocksteady. The film features the music and the stories of some of reggae's greatest legends during the Rocksteady era.

Rocksteady was the music of Jamaica from 1966-1969 which eventually transformed into Reggae by the 1970s.

In 1962, when Jamaica gained its independence from the Great Britain, Jamaica was filled with celebration, optimism, economic growth and opportunity - which was reflected through music.

Recording studios became more prominent throughout the island during this time period where hits like "You Don't Love Me Anymore, No No No," "Tide Is High" and "Rivers of Babylon," were created.

By 1968, however, Jamaica’s economic bubble had burst and unemployed youths fought with police for control of the streets. As violence, poverty and political upheaval spread, Rocksteady artists stopped singing about love and romance and instead gave voice to the social problems around them.

Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae serves as a history lesson. We all appreciate the music but many of us are unaware of the history of it, how it was derived and its purpose.

The documentary was released in Canada earlier this week but unfortunately leaving the rest of us unsure of when to expect it to reach everywhere else, but watch the movie trailer and keep a look out for when it is released in your area.

Source: AbortMagazine

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry Debuts on HBO on Aug 10th

Am I the only one who didn't know that Marion Barry has a documentary about his life airing on HBO?Well, if you didn't know - let me be the one to tell you!

Washington DC's Ex - Mayor Marion Barry will be studied in the HBO documentary entitled The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, scheduled to air on August 10th, 2009.

To many, Marion Barry is better known for being caught in a hotel room with his girlfriend during a sting operation. He was recorded via a surveillance camera smoking crack cocaine in 1990 - during his term as mayor.

Barry was sentenced to a six-month federal prison term in October 1991.
Throughout the years he was caught up with tax evasion, driving under the influence, driving an unregistered vehicle and most recently, stalking his ex-girlfriend on the 4th of July!

The man is crazy and thats exactly what we need for GOOD TV. Good move HBO!

Although he is most popular for his negative attributions, he is also known as a hero and a civil rights activist, the reasons why he continues to be reelected as mayor.

Barry became the first black activist mayor in America, but after three terms he was filmed smoking crack in a hotel room with an ex-girlfriend. He was sentenced to six months in federal prison, but instead of disappearing from the public stage he was reelected for a fourth term as mayor.

Marion Barry is now 73 years old and continues to be an enduring force in Washington politics.

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry debuts on Monday, August 10 at 9 – 10:30 pm ET on HBO.

Source: Examiner

Monday, July 27, 2009

Playlist: Tarrus Riley, Vybz Kartel, Demarco - Herbs Promotion

Big Big Chune!! A marijuana we promote...

Request this at your local dance! It MUST be a BIG CHUNE when you have a song with Tarrus Riley, Vybz Kartel and Demarco preaching something that we ALL can relate to - so listen carefully.


Bounty Killer Endorses Gully/Gaza

Every time I hear Kartel answer an interview question about the gully/gaza rivalry, he always stresses that he is an entertainer. He is a man who is paid to ENTERTAIN.

It made me realize that fans are the ones who really promote the Gully/Gaza war, the members just chill with the reputation because it keeps them popular and that is the current trend to making money.

The goal is to keep the fan base, but I wonder how they feel now that Bounty let the secret out?

Click below to hear Bounty Killers interview during the SUMFEST.

Source: AllianceFiLife

Playlist: Diki Spliff & Crown - Sufferation

Proud Sponsor


TheWickedestTime.com is EXCLUSIVELY featuring one of our very own LOCAL CELEBS!

Diki Spliff and Crown are DC based Reggae artists who are on the verge of taking over the DMV with their hot new single 'Sufferation'!!

Gracing us with lyrics that keep us enlightened and aware - something that we all can appreciate!

If you are an upcoming local celeb CONTACT US to be featured on our playlist!

Four Boys Age 9-14 Charged With Rape of 8 Year Old

It's official.

The reason people don't watch the news is because its depressing. Some things, you just don't want to see.

Four boys, between the ages of 9 and 14 are being charged for the kidnapping and the rape of an 8 year old girl in Phoenix, Arizona.

The young boys took turns raping an eight-year-old girl in a shed for a period of 10 to 15 minutes after luring the little girl with chewing gum.

The young man in the photo above is 14 year old Steven Tuopeh - who was charged as an adult with two counts of kidnapping and sexual assault.

The other boys - ages nine, 10, and 13 were charged as juveniles with sexual assault. The 10- and 13-year-old boys also were charged with kidnapping.

The part of this story that BREAKS my heart the most is that the father of this innocent little girl told the case worker and an officer that he didn't want her back.

"Take her, I don't want her!"

The little girl is a native of Liberia, which holds a shame-based culture, so the crime is not as important as protecting the family name and the name of the community - which is why her family shunned her.

So in this little girls time of need, instead of being held by the comfort of family, loved ones, and familiar faces - she is being held in state custody because her family has disowned her.

Source: BlackNewsWeb

Iyara Talks About Bottle Throwing Incident With Richie Feelings

Up and coming dancehall DJ - Eric Sommers - also known as Iyara speaks on the Uptown Mondays incident where Richie Feelings was assaulted with glass bottles while selecting.

To brush up on the topic, click here!

Some say that members of the Alliance are to blame because Richie Feelings was requested to play a track from Iyara, but he refused, saying that he never heard of the artist.

Right yah now mi ah distance myself from the whole ting cause I know nothing bout it. Me as a young act appreciate every selector because ah Bounty killer and Sizzla ah mi idol and mi neva see dem do dem ting ya yet".

Iyara states that he was present at the venue, however, he was on the outside when the stampede occurred. “I reach Uptown Mondays from early out in the night and at that time Richie Feelings neva start play yet but roun' 1AM when me step out fi go get a cup a soup me just see people a rush outta the venue and ah jump inna car so mi just leave to“.

Me a deal wid music and ah me say hustle mi ah hustle everyday inna di street and we nah look nuh trouble, so mi just want the people to know dat” he added.

Source: AllianceFiLife

Playlist: Assassin, Christopher Martin, D Major - Real Friends

In Photo: D Major

Brap! Brap! Big Chune!!

How many of you all can say that you have a collection of REAL friends?

Thankfully, I can!

And for those of you who wonder how to attract REAL friends, it's simple, BE a REAL friend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Playlist: Popcaan - Roll Out

Popcaan is so talented!! This young man was BORN to make music and I am happy that Kartel found him and introduced him to the world!

Playlist: Bob Marley - Soul Rebel

Bob Marley is a man who pushed reggae music, the Jamaican, and the Rastafarian culture further than any other individual or group worldwide.

As much as we say that we love him, I don't think we show our appreciation enough. Well, let me speak for myself. I don't show enough appreciation.

I'm chilling out right now listening to Soul Rebel realizing that after years and years of listening to Bob Marley, every now and then I hear a song that I've never heard before.

He lived a short life but it feels like he recorded an INFINITE amount of records. One of the many reasons why he will NEVER be forgotten.

To you, Bob Marley, I would like to say thank you for all you've done for reggae music. Rest In Peace.

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