Hey Everyone!  My name is Dominique, and I'm a journalist.  I love creating music bios, electronic press kits and press releases for clients like Spragga Benz & The Redsquare Rebelnation and they love how I use my writing skills to articulate their commitment to their art.

Once a project is completed, my clients may get a brand-new music bio for an upcoming interview or an updated EPK to pitch with -- which turns into more bookings on more shows -- but at the end of the day, what they're really getting is my passion for music and my uncanny ability to light in others because honestly, I'm more than just a journalist.  I'm a visionary and a creative entrepreneur.

I can't wait to try what's next for me, which is to expand the opportunities available to independent artistes and push their talents onto more and more mainstream platforms.

It's hard work, but totally worth it, because as I create for others, I'll also be creating an exciting lifestyle for myself along the way.


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